Del Trópico, “Abu Shams” as we are commonly referred to in the Arabic speaking nations, is our main Brand of cardamom for which we have been well known. The Sun and the Palms represents our 33 year old brand.

We have become a leading Green Cardamom exporter from Guatemala. Through the years of experience we have grown in capacity, we have learned to offer our customers what they value most, extremely high cleanliness in the product.

Yearly we innovate and invest in what we believe will make our exporting operation more sensible towards our clients’ requests.



We are specialize in processing and exporting green cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum).

The factory is strategically located in the center of the cardamom market of Guatemala in the area of Cobán and San Pedro Carchá, the largest producing areas in the country where the best cardamom is grown and where it has been cultivated since 100 years ago.


We receive only select raw material as dehydrated cardamom, the product is intensively cleaned, sized and color sorted, packed and exported directly from the factory in clean suitable containers.



Cardamom is known as the “queen of spices” and we thrive to handle it as such.

It is not only about supplying competitive price and quality in commodities; it is more about improving for a better all around business and trade with our clients.


For those that already trade with us, we thank you for trusting our company and for the business to come. For those who are just contacting us for the first time, we welcome you and hope to soon be dealing with you and be part of our cardamom trading experience.



As part of our Corporate Social Responsability program we support the project CHAAB’IL TZ’I RUB’EL MU to contribute for economic development of farmers and improvement on quality. Please take a moment to see the introductory video.